Elvis’ grandson tries out for The Voice and sings “Love Me Tender” in a way that makes the judges very happy.

Dakota Striplin says he is Elvis Presley’s grandson, and after hearing him sing “Love Me Tender” on The Voice, it’s hard to say otherwise!

At the beginning of this movie, a young man named Dakota Striplin plays guitar and sings in a haunting way. A judge in her place turns around and puts her hand on her heart.

Another judge turns her chair around and says, “I need to see what’s going on here.” One of the judges says that she is glad that this young man is there after his song is over. The judges were surprised that he could not only sing, but also play.

They want to know why he picked that song and that singer. Dakota says that Elvis Presley was a source of motivation for him. People often joke that he might be his grandmother’s theater-loving grandson. When the judges see the likeness, they laugh.

Dakota starts by saying that his father doesn’t talk much about what he went through. While his grandmother used to go to Hawaii to help Elvis Presley with his shows. But only Dakota’s father would go to Hawaii with her. None of her other kids would.

When Elvis died, it hurt her more deeply and emotionally than it did him. A DNA test done a few years ago shows that his grandpa is not really his grandfather. This idea says that Dakota Striplin is Elvis’s grandchild.

After the story, two judges come on stage to try to be chosen as his teachers. He finally chooses the judge who voted for him first. In the next clip, Dakota sings a song called “Knockout Round.”

Even though we might not always know where we came from, we can always take comfort in the fact that our identity is in Christ. When we ask Jesus to save us, we become part of God’s family.

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