Dreams do come true: the boy, who was in terrible shape, has completely changed his look.

Nine years ago, Evan Hill, who was born in New Zealand, became famous all over the world because of his unique health situation and looks. In 2012, when he was 12, news spread around the world about a young boy who needed money for a pricey operation.

Evan’s problem was caused by a major misalignment of his upper jaw, which caused his front teeth to grow in a little too much. Just as his parents went to see a dentist, a big earthquake hit New Zealand, putting the family on the edge of having to find a new place to live. Not only did the earthquake destroy their house, but it also took away their car. This made it even harder to take Evan to medical visits.

Even though oral care for kids in New Zealand is usually free, Evan’s case required multiple surgeries that each had their own costs. When word got out about the boy’s situation, more than $100,000 was raised instead of the $12,000 that was asked for. Evan’s parents were both surprised and happy when they got this money out of the blue. It gave them enough money to pay for all of their son’s hospital bills and even buy a new car. They were kind and gave the rest of the money to other kids who needed help.

In the end, the boy got the look he had always wanted, and he was thankful to the people who helped him get it.

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