“Disfigured”: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife ruined herself with too much plastic surgery.

Recently, a picture was taken of Maria Shriver going around the streets of Santa Monica. It should be said that it was hard for a stranger to tell the difference between the former beauty and Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife.

It looks like the writer liked plastic surgery too much, and now she is unrecognizable. Members of the network didn’t hide how they felt when they said she went too far.

Many people wrote things like, “How awful she looks now,” “Scarred her face,” and “It’s sad to see how ugly she looks now.”

Remember last year, when Arnold broke up with our heroine? Even though they had been married for 25 years and had four kids, the divorce process took about ten years.

When the man told his wife and their maid that he had a son with another woman, things started to go wrong. Shriver didn’t act like a victim and started the divorce process right away. About a week goes by between the birth of an illegal son and the birth of the fourth child in the Schwarzenegger family.

What do you think about how sad Mariah has become?

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