Dad and twin boys chopped enough firewood to fill 80 trucks and gave it all out to people in need.

Every now and then, you come across a deed or act that melts your heart.

You understand what I’m talking about. It might be a tale about someone going above and above to facilitate a fantastic charitable gesture, or it could just be about someone doing something good without expecting anything in return.

Performing such an act frequently results in a feeling of happiness bestowed onto one’s soul. Having said that, it’s always good to honor folks who are genuinely trying to make the world a better place.

Shane McDaniel and his twin kids Henry and Harrison are examples of do-gooders. Shane had spent a lot of time with his father as a youngster cutting firewood, and he was anxious for his 21-year-old sons to assist him carry on the tradition…

The family from Lake Stevens, Washington, had their job cut out for them in the aftermath of a major storm.

“I had a lot of wood I had to cut because of storm damage and trees that were taken down,” Shane added. It simply piled up and piled up. We decided that because there was so much wood, we could make something better with it.”

They put their minds together and came up with a plan that would not only remove the wood, but also aid a lot of other people.

“The Pacific Northwest is a pretty rugged area, it’s cold and wet,” McDaniel told PEOPLE Magazine. I noticed the need as soon as I started, and my eyes were opened. We basically started giving it out since so many people were stopping and begging to buy it.”

The endeavor lasted from March to October 2018, during which time Shane, Henry, and Harrison cut enough firewood to fill 80 trucks.

Shane took to Facebook to make a collection request. That’s correct… they had more firewood than they could handle.

Shane’s post, unsurprisingly, drew a lot of attention. Most individuals were astounded by the family’s generosity, and several even volunteered to assist deliver the firewood to those who couldn’t come.

Feeling good

“It’s a fairly amazing sight to witness. “You can just see this sense of pride and sharing that I don’t believe they had previously,” Shane added.

“When you do good things for people, they remember.” “I enjoy assisting others.”

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What a wonderful way to serve the neighborhood and demonstrate your family’s kindness! We salute you, Shane, Henry, and Harrison!

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