Cuteness takes a turn: a 24-year-old man with tattoos all over his body removes them for the sake of his kid.

Ethan Modboy Bramble is one of Australia’s most well-known bloggers. This 24-year-old man can’t go unnoticed on the street, with a sliced tongue, clipped ears, black eyelids, extended nostrils, a sewn-in navel, and 95% tattooed body drawing the attention of even the most uninterested onlookers.

It appears that the young guy will not stop changing his physique since his imagination is infinite and the possibilities of contemporary cosmetic surgery are limitless. However, one small guy flipped the man’s viewpoint upside down – a daughter was born into the home of Ethan and his wife.

The heiress’s appearance hit the blogger like a cold shower – the young father critically assessed his appearance and made a firm decision to do everything possible to return his body to its original form as much as possible, despite the fact that his experiments cost him a lot of money and many hours of pain and suffering.

The well-known Australian is now being seen by relapse tattoo specialists, but with each appointment, there are more and more bright spots on his body. Perhaps, when the infant girl grows up, a loving father will be able to show her only in a photograph how unique his appearance was previously.

What do you think of the loving father’s act? Has he made the correct decision for his daughter?

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