Close pal breaks quiet on Kate Middleton’s recuperation after stomach surgery.

Kate Middleton has left Windsor for the first time since undergoing stomach surgery, which will prevent her from performing royal responsibilities until after Easter.

The Princess of Wales’ recuperation appears to be going well, with one close pal reportedly stating that the 42-year-old is “on the mend”. Kate was taken to the London Clinic last month for an unannounced procedure and spent about two weeks in the hospital.

Rumors and conjecture soon followed, but the future Queen of England was ultimately permitted to return to her family residence in Windsor, where she has been recovering away from prying eyes ever since.

Kate’s condition has been updated, with a close friend revealing that she will spend the half-term break with her family at the royal estate of Sandringham.

An unidentified acquaintance told the Daily Mail, “Catherine is recovering well.”

“She was looking forward to a change of scene and will be able to take it easy in Norfolk while the children let off steam with William.”

Much has been stated about Kate’s health since the unexpected revelation that she would be undergoing stomach surgery. Concrete facts about her illness have been few, with the royals being usually tight-lipped.

Indeed, what little we know is that Kate’s surgery was significant enough to keep her in the hospital for 13 days following. During this period, Prince William remained by her side as often as possible, but the couple’s three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, did not see their mother in person.

When it was believed that Kate had been placed in a coma owing to problems related to her post-operative recuperation, Spanish sources fueled concerns. Kensington Palace vehemently denied the allegations, however it remains unknown what Kate was suffering from that necessitated medical intervention.

In any event, the news that the Princess of Wales is now able to travel between Windsor and Sandringham will come as a comfort to royal admirers who have closely watched Kate’s rehabilitation.

Not only that, but the Daily Mail reports that King Charles is in Sandringham after receiving his first cancer treatment earlier this week.

The king was hospitalized at the same time as his daughter-in-law for treatment of an enlarged prostate. A subsequent Palace declaration, however, acknowledged that physicians had identified a kind of cancer. They didn’t say what cancer Charles has or what stage he’s at, but they did rule out prostate cancer.

Here’s wishing Kate Middleton and King Charles all the best as they go forward.

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