Carrie Underwood and her 5-year-old son perform a heartfelt performance of “The Little Drummer Boy” in a beautiful duet.

If you grew up in a family like mine, you probably have your own curated, established list of Christmas classics.

My parents were more into traditional Christmas songs – Mariah Carey and Wham! were strictly forbidden – so I have a soft spot in my heart for those melodies that have weathered the decades and elicit feelings of nostalgia everytime they’re played.

That’s probably why I got all gooey inside the first time I heard Carrie Underwood sing The Little Drummer Boy as a beautiful duet with her son…

I believe we can all agree that The Little Drummer Boy is a timeless hit.

The words are said to be based on a traditional Czech hymn, and the song as we know it today is said to have been penned by Katherine K. Davis in 1941.

As with every well-received Christmas song, it’s benefited from various covers throughout the years, including renditions by Bing Crosby, Johnny Cash, and even Justin Bieber.

The preferred version of this well-known musical song varies according to personal preference, but chances are you’ll find something to like in all of them. After all, it is a true classic for a reason.

But I can’t deny that I was hit with a particularly nice emotion when I first heard Carrie Underwood’s song from 2020, which she recorded with her then-5-year-old son Isaiah.

Carrie Underwood is a country music legend who has captured and delighted audiences over and again over the years, for those who don’t know – and we hope there aren’t many of you.

When she revealed in 2020 that she would be releasing an album around everyone’s favorite holiday season, Christmas, the excitement among her followers was great.

The CD in question included a beguiling combination of Christmas classics and Carrie’s own creative creations. The 11th tune, however, sticks out, at least for me: you guessed it: The Little Drummer Boy.

Carrie appeared in a genuinely remarkable duet with her aforementioned son Isaiah, who took on the responsibility of performing the renowned vocals… and hit it out of the park.

Do you still not believe us? Check out the video for the song below:

Wow! We don’t know what will get you in the Christmas mood if that doesn’t.

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