Cameron Diaz showed her grown daughter that she had chosen to stop hiding the child.

The only child of an actor who is 50 years old is now over three years old. But the star hasn’t put out any photos of herself yet. She also did things in such a sneaky way that the paparazzi rarely got a picture of a child in a faraway place.

Model’s wedding was in France, so she, her husband, and her daughter flew from California there. They got there just before the wedding. So, they were filmed for the first time on the balcony of the fancy hotel. She was also happy to show off her slim figure in a black dress that reached the floor.

At first, she was happy just being with her family. After that, she worked hard on a child who had just been born at the earliest possible point in the year 2020. At first, she cared so much about being a parent that she rarely left the house.

The star says she didn’t want to leave the child for any length of time, so she stayed at home by herself during this time. How do you feel?

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