Bruce Willis’s daughter shared rare pictures of him with her fans, which amazed them.

Tallulah, the celebrity’s 28-year-old daughter, shared a few pictures with him on Instagram, which made his fans happy.

Bruce Willis poses for the picture while holding his daughter in his arms and wearing a white T-shirt, gray sweatpants, and boots.

Focus says that he wears a white shirt, a black jacket with short red sleeves, and wide gray pants.

Tallulah holds the actor’s hand and smiles excitedly as he makes a funny face for the camera. In the next picture, it looks like the two are moving around.

“High acting club, lessons in life, and keep your fingers crossed. The girl marked the post, “This week I’m eating vegetables.”

The slideshow has pictures of her eating cream cheese for breakfast, taking selfies in the mirror, her dog sleeping in bed, an AA book, and other things.

There was an old picture of actor Winona Ryder, who was a big influence on famous directors like Tim Burton, Jim Jarmusch, and Martin Scorsese, and a picture of her with her father.

Willis has two other children besides Tallulah. Scout, who is 31 and whose mother is his ex-wife Demi Moore, and Rumer, who is 34, are both daughters.

Also, his second wife, Emma Heming, gave birth to Evelyn, 8, and Mabel, 10, whom he is raising.

Bruce, a well-known star, just recently found out that his oldest daughter is going to have her first kid.

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