Body language expert exposes reality behind Taylor Swift’s “interesting behavior” at the Super Bowl.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are the current ‘It’ pair, with their names in the headlines for the better part of a year, and it appears that the lokomotiv won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

The couple’s growing romance has been in the spotlight for months, thanks in large part to Swift’s frequent attendance at NFL games to cheer for the Kansas City Chiefs.

This weekend, the Chiefs won the Super Bowl in spectacular manner, defeating the San Francisco 49ers in overtime. Swift and Kelce had a fantasy post-match scene, hugging and kissing after the latter won the Lombardi Trophy.

According to reports, an expert analyzed the couple’s shared body language and concluded that neither Taylor nor Travis are reluctant to show affection in public.

It’s hardly surprising that all eyes were on the pair after the Kansas City Chiefs won their fourth Super Bowl triumph on Sunday. Recent speculations stated that Kelce could propose to Swift if his team wins, and while that wasn’t the case, the two were spotted holding and kissing in jubilation.

Following the game, Kelce even performed his own version of Viva Las Vegas, while Taylor joined the football star’s mother, Donna, on the pitch.

After Donna had her personal time with her kid, the Chiefs tight end went to his girlfriend, telling Swift, “Come here, baby.”

A psychology specialist was there to evaluate the pair’s body language before and after the event, concluding that they had a “genuine relationship” with one another (contrary to prevailing conspiracy beliefs that their romance is only for show).

“I was sceptical of this relationship in the early stages, but because she is so full on now, with her emotions, I think this is a real relationship,” Darren Stanton, a specialist on the subject, said.

“She is being honest and constant in her emotions and sentiments about Travis. This is not a publicity stunt; it is a real friendship.”

Not only that, but Stanton addressed the notion that Swift seemed more at ease expressing affection in public than Kelce did. The expert supported Kelce, claiming that the tight end was merely enjoying his “moment”.

“From a non-verbal perspective, it’s as if she’s more into him, or she’s much more comfortable with public displays of affection than he is,” said Stanton.

“At the end of the day, this is his opportunity; this is what his career is all about. This is the most crucial night of his life, and she should grasp it as well.

“She’s got her arms wrapped around him completely, it’s quite gushy, she appears to be quite emotional here – it’s very interesting behaviour.”

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