Billy Ray Cyrus, 62, marries 34-year-old bride Firerose, and fans are outraged about one small detail.

Billy Ray Cyrus just married his bride Firerose. After starting a formal relationship in 2022, they planned a discreet wedding.

Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus revealed their third divorce petition in April 2022, after 28 years of marriage. Following that, Billy Ray Cyrus started dating Firerose, an Australian artist. They revealed their engagement to the public in November 2022.

Continue reading to hear more about the specifics that a few fans mentioned.

Thirteen years ago, during Firerose’s audition for a Hannah Montana part, the two had already grown close. The singer from the countryside recalls his first meeting with Firerose.

“There are a few old pine trees on the lot that resemble Tennessee,” he said. I would stroll outside in the middle of the day with his dog, Tex, and he would do his business. While we stretched, I would think about how much I missed Tennessee. That day, Firerose emerged via the front door. I’m not sure; there was almost a moment of familiarity. I thought, ‘This lady has it big!’

“She told me she had an audition, and I said, ‘Well, I’m sure you got the job,'” he added.

Despite Firerose’s rejection for the part, Cyrus introduced her to several producers.

I instantly realized that all of the casting agents, producers, and writers were on the same floor as Hannah Monatana.I said to her, “Don’t ever accept an offer from a stranger, but in this instance, Tex will attest that you will be completely safe,” that’s what he said.

“I am going to introduce you to a producer. Feel free to relax in and observe our practice. You never know; it may lead to a position or simply another Disney link.” So Tex, her, and I departed and went back to the studio. She also presumably had a lot of encounters with the cast, producers, and writers. And we ended up being friends—in a lot of ways,” the crooner explained.

The two remained friends until Cyrus requested Firerose to be more than just friends following his divorce at the beginning of the year. She moved in with Cyrus in August 2022, shortly after he proposed.

“Billy looked at me and asked, ‘Would you like to marry me?’ And I said, “Of course I do.” I cherish you. Firerose remembers that moment. He exclaimed, ‘I love you.'” I’d want to publicly declare this. I want to be in your life forever.

He married Firerose a few months after his former wife Tish remarried. She married “Prison Break” star Dominic Purcell in August 2023.

Tish’s ex-partners’ children, Brandi, 36, and Trace, 34, were present and posed for photographs with Purcell and two of his four children. Billy Ray and Tish had adopted Brandi and Trace after he was married. Braison, Noah, and Miley Cyrus were all there with the pair.

It was notable that Noah and Braison did not attend their mother’s wedding. On the day of the wedding, the siblings shared brief Instagram stories about their trip to Walmart, where Noah wore a Billy Ray t-shirt.

It is unclear whether Cyrus’ children attended his marriage to Firerose.

When the couple uploaded images from their wedding day on social media, several fans criticized Billy Ray Cyrus’ hair! “Could have at least brushed his hair for the occasion,” said one critic. Someone asked, “He couldn’t comb his hair?”

A second person said, “No hairbrush with all that money?”

It’s apparent that many people were interested in Billy Ray Cyrus’ hair and the variables that inspired his haircut choice.

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