Amy from “The Big Bang Theory” has undergone significant transformations.

Sunglasses and striped cardigans will no longer be available.

Amy Farrah Fowler first debuted on The Big Bang Theory in season three, and she captivated both Sheldon Cooper, who later married the young scientist, and fans.

Mayhem Bialik’s character was defined by a distinct “style.” The girl was dressed in crocheted cardigans, “granny” skirts that had to be below the knee, and thick-framed spectacles. Her un-Kazish look quickly reinforced the drab’s image as a heroine, although on purpose.

But underneath the dusty patina was a gorgeous actress, and the years had only served her well. Mayhem, who will soon be 47, still looks fantastic. The actress enjoys dressing up and flaunts a lot of cleavage. In public, she wears vibrant makeup and has a flawless look, unlike the film’s hunchback Amy.

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