Already, she is 19! What the only daughter of singer Nelly Furtado looks like

The star’s only child is now an adult. Nevis is 20 years old this year.

Nelly Furtado has been married twice. The artist was married to the musician Jasper Gahania for four years, during which time they had a beautiful daughter named Nevis. The baby girl was given the name of the island in the Caribbean where the parents spent their vacation. The couple split up soon after the baby was born.

The actor is used to doing everything herself, including raising her only child, who will turn 20 this year. Nevis often went on tour with her mother, and she grew up in a singing environment.

Today, the girl lives on her own, which is something she doesn’t often show. Nelly Furtado is stronger now that she has raised her son on her own. Around the middle of the 2000s, she said that she was now “made of steel.” “I’m a mom.” I’ve been in busy places where a young child threw food at me. My child is going with me on this trip. “We take the bus, and she has her own sleeping area where we play with her toys,” the singer said when her daughter was only three years old.

Furtado married Cuban-born sound engineer Demasio Castellón in 2008. Before they split up, they were married for more than eight years. Most of Nelly and Demasio’s children did not show up.

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