“Age Takes Its Toll”: 77-Year-Old Goldie Hawn Was Caught on Vacation Wearing a Bodysuit!

The 77-year-old star Goldie Hawn is being talked about on the Internet. When she was on vacation, paparazzi took pictures of her wearing a bodysuit, which made some people worry.

Many people on the internet think that an older woman shouldn’t dress like that in public. But Hawn’s friends defended her quickly in the comments.

Some of the comments say that women over 50 shouldn’t show their knees, while others say that Goldie Hawn, who is 77 years old, looks great and takes care of herself.

Some people also wonder if actors should be held to a different set of rules.

Some people think that there is a right time and place for everything, while others agree that Goldie is a beautiful woman but point out that she is old.

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What do you think about how the star looks?

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