After waiting 75 years, a 101-year-old great-grandmother is overjoyed to have her first grandchild arrive.

The 101-year-old grandma was pleased to finally meet her grandchildren.

Despite the fact that she has six stepchildren, eight great-grandchildren, and five grandkids.

It’s well known that grandparents get along better than anybody else with their grandkids.

This friendship grows stronger throughout time, making parents and other family members happy.

The most important part is that grandparents interact with their grandchildren on a personal level and that their relationship is a healthy mix of affection, respect, and fun.

The photographs were shot when the elderly grandma saw her great-granddaughter for the first time.

The birth was the family’s first grandchild in 75 years.

Maeva was born on November 24, 2021, and Gwen Smith, 101, spotted her in her bedroom on December 21, 2021, at the Dene Holm care facility in Northfleet, Kent, England.

The Smiths watched as Gwen held the adorable daughter in her arms while several generations of her family gathered around her.

Gwen couldn’t stop looking at Maeva after falling in love with her.

“Having five generations present was a unique experience,” the Smiths said.

Despite the flu epidemic, the Smiths were able to pay a visit thanks to the care facility’s staff.

Gwen turned 101 a few days later in February 2022, and the Smiths stated that she was overjoyed and grateful to welcome a new family member.

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