After getting more than 40 tattoos, her kids didn’t recognize her.

Gemma Horner, an artist and makeup artist, showed how makeup can change a person’s look in a very clear way on the show “Transformation.” The change had an emotional effect, as shown by the fact that the mother of the episode’s main character, alternative model Amy Smith, cried and her youngest son didn’t know her.

Amy, a 23-year-old British girl, has spent the last ten years getting tattoos and piercings all over her body. In fact, she has fifty tattoos, some of which are very visible on her face, and twelve piercings. Her neck and wrists have a lot of ink on them. Amy got her first tattoo when she was a teenager, but she really became interested in body art when she started working at a tattoo shop when she was eighteen.

Even though her family and friends back her, Amy often gets turned down or even made fun of by other people. Still, she is happy with how she looks and sees tattoos as a way to express herself through art.

Amy’s appearance on the TV show was both a risky attempt and a chance to see herself without the tattoos she usually wears. Gemma Horner gave her a new look with makeup. She was nervous, but she was also driven. Horner was able to hide the tattoos so that they blended in with her natural skin tone. After a few hours, not only had Amy’s tattoos been completely covered up, but her fire hair had also been curled in an elegant way.

Amy was the first person to see how she looked after she changed. After a few minutes, she came out of the next room, where her mother and stepfather were waiting. Both of them smiled and cried, which showed how they were feeling. Amy’s mother told her she was beautiful, but the young woman was surprised. She felt uncomfortable, as if she were talking to a stranger.

When shooting was over, Amy went to get her kids from the yard, where she got another surprise. Her younger son walked right past her because he didn’t know her because she didn’t have any tattoos and her hair was curly.

People who watched the movie of Amy’s transformation said many nice things about both Gemma Horner’s amazing job and Amy’s beauty, with or without tattoos. But Amy is still sure that she hasn’t reached the number of tattoos she can have. She has no doubts about covering her whole body with tattoos in the future.

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