According to a journalist, Kate Middleton’s life was in grave danger while hospitalized.

It should come as no surprise that Kate Middleton’s hospitalization has become a major conversation issue for media outlets throughout the world.

Aside from the fact that Kate is the future Queen of England, the Royal Family’s lack of knowledge is one of the reasons why the public is so interested in the situation. Kensington Palace said that she had undergone stomach surgery, but many details remain unclear even a week later.

That is to be expected when it comes to the British royals, but it does not mean that people haven’t been left wondering what was wrong with Kate that required surgery to cure, and how serious it is that she will be in the hospital for up to two weeks.

Kate Middleton’s illness has obviously caused alarm among her many supporters worldwide. Not only was the situation abrupt and unexpected, despite Kensington Palace’s assertion that it was ‘planned’, but information about Kate’s real illness has been limited.

Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales was brought to The London Clinic yesterday for a scheduled stomach operation. The operation was successful, and she is anticipated to stay in the hospital for 10 to fourteen days before coming home to finish her rehabilitation. Based on current medical advice, she is unlikely to resume public responsibilities until after Easter, according to a statement posted on Kensington Palace’s social media platforms.

“The Princess of Wales appreciates the attention that this message may elicit. She hopes the public understands her want to keep her children’s lives as normal as possible, as well as her desire to keep her personal medical information private.

The statement went on to say that Kensington Palace would only release updates on Her Royal Highness’ development when there is substantial new information to discuss. The Princess of Wales wishes to apologies to everyone involved for having to postpone her scheduled commitments. She is eager to reinstate as many as possible, as quickly as feasible.”

According to The Sun, Prince William has been by Kate’s bedside every day since her procedure, however her children have yet to see her. Instead, it is thought that the children attended school as usual during their mother’s hospitalization.

While it has been widely reported that Kate is on the mend and will return home in the coming days (albeit she will not be taking on formal engagements until after Easter), other sources believe the princess’ health situation is more severe than people think.

Yesterday, the Spanish tabloid Marca published a story supporting the notion that Kate’s life was in danger, alleging that fresh information was disclosed in a recent edition of Fiesta, a show that covers current social and political events on both the national and international levels.

On Kate’s hospitalization, a journalist who contributes to the show stated, “The truth, we will never know unless the recovery does not progress as it should, because they will have no choice.”

Emma Garcia, the presenter, asked: “Among the available facts… Is she okay now? “Is her life currently in danger?”

“Her life was in great danger,” the journalist continued. “Concern in the Royal House was apparent. The surgical procedure got complex, and her life needed to be saved.”

Meanwhile, People Magazine reported days following Kate’s operation that her disease, injury, or malaise was not malignant. Whether the Palace would reveal it, unless absolutely necessary, is another topic to contemplate.

Kensington Palace confirmed this morning that Kate Middleton has been cleared to leave the hospital and resume her rehabilitation at home in Windsor. The princess is claimed to be “making good progress”.

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