A well-known country singer shows up at a wedding to sing his latest hit. The couple can’t believe it.

There is a lot of comedy and nice treats about love on Valentine’s Day. And if you and your true love are as lucky as this couple, a famous country singer might even sing a favorite song at your wedding.

Canaan Smith is a great musician, and the couple chose him to sing their wedding song. That came as a nice surprise! Canaan Smith, a lovely artist from Los Angeles, surprised Samantha and Taylor at their wedding when he showed up.

The famous artist played his number one song “Love You Like That” in an emotional way for the happy pair. A well-known wedding website gives one happy couple the wedding of their dreams every year. Samantha and Taylor had the most beautiful treat at their luau of the year.

They have also chosen to dance to “Love You Like That,” which is the groom’s favorite song of mine.

And it was a great decision.

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