A source says that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are close to getting a divorce, which means that their relationship is about to end.

Jennifer Lopez’s fans are worried because there have been stories of fights between the singer and Ben Affleck, who she married last summer.

From what someone close to the couple has told me, the situation is even worse than Lopez’s fans could have imagined. The source says the couple had a big fight that, in their opinion, could eventually lead to a split.

The trouble comes from the fact that the two people have very different personalities. Ben is three years younger than Jennifer. He is 50 years old and has a much calmer personality than Lopez, who is often called a lively force. Jennifer is very driven, ambitious, and a self-proclaimed workaholic who wants to do her best at work and in her personal life.

On the other hand, Ben would rather live a quieter life and avoid too much stress. But he also has to take care of his three children from his first marriage to Jennifer Garner and Jennifer’s twins from her marriage to Marc Anthony. His wife is also very demanding and very active.

To make things even worse, Jennifer has started a risky business that some people think could put a strain on their relationship. She talked Ben into working with her on the movie “Unstoppable,” in which Jennifer played the major role and Ben was in charge of making the movie. During the pre-production phase, however, problems started to arise. An source said that the stress of tight plans caused the couple to fight more often.

Friends now worry that this project could make Jennifer and Ben’s marriage even worse than it already is. They compare it to what happened to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt after they worked together on the movie “By the Sea,” which led to their split.

Fans had already seen signs that there might be trouble in the couple’s family. During the Grammys, Affleck was seen being clearly unhappy and not wanting to talk to his wife. Later, the paparazzi caught the couple having a heated fight, during which Ben slammed the car door while Jennifer was inside. A few days later, they fought in public again. This time, it was at the opening of the movie “Mother.”

All of these things show that the couple is having trouble dealing with their family problems. If nothing changes, Ben and Jennifer’s once-promising love story, which started more than 20 years ago, may come to an end, which would be a shame because they got married in front of a lot of famous people.

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