A single father adopts a girl with Down syndrome who is turned down by 20 households.

After being rejected by her mother and then by 20 possible adoptive families, the fortunes of a little girl have altered.

The tale of Luca Trapanese’s road to adopting baby Alba has gone viral for a variety of reasons, the most important of which may be that social services seldom award custody to a single, homosexual male.

Nonetheless, they made an exception for Luca… and we’re happy they did.

According to the BBC, 41-year-old Italian Luca wrote a book on his path to becoming the father of Alba, a Down syndrome daughter.

Trapanese noted on the radio that his situation is unique because it “destroys stereotypes about fatherhood, religion, and family.”

Adoptions for homosexual and single parents have always been a difficult process in Italy.

“I was told that I’d only be given a child with an illness, a severe disability or with behavioral problems,” he told the British Broadcasting Corporation. “I was absolutely OK with that.”

Alba was adopted by Luca in 2017 when she was only 13 days old and had previously been passed over by 20 families due to her health.

“She gave me happiness and a sense of accomplishment.” “I am honored to be her father,” he remarked.

Luca had worked in a number of special needs care facilities and had always wanted to be a parent. His desire to assist others began when he was 14, following the death of his best buddy to cancer.

He volunteered for Catholic-affiliated groups, typically assisting the seriously ill or crippled.

That’s why, despite the fact that he didn’t have a spouse, he chose to go forward with the adoption of Alba, who now lives happily with her father.

Alba, according to the BBC, is a determined young child who may be obstinate at times. She enjoys the company of others and enjoys playing and dancing.

“It was my first time holding a newborn baby. I had always been afraid up until that point. “However, when I first held Alba, I knew I was ready to be her father,” he explained. “I was overcome with happiness.” “I immediately recognized her as my daughter.”

It’s been a couple years since Luca and Alba’s adorable romance became viral. Fans may still follow their trip and daily lives on Luca’s Instagram, where he has over 320 000 followers.

The pair enjoys spending time together and makes the most of their days.

Of course, the epidemic has had an impact on their life, but seeing their love bond is incredibly inspirational. They like being outside, going on vacations across Italy, painting, meeting friends, and enjoying each other’s company.

We convey our heartfelt congratulations to Luca and Alba! Luca is definitely a man with a great heart, and this young girl has a bright future because of him.

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