A picture of Zendaya without a bra taken in a desert got 10 million likes in one day.

In the 21st century, a new group of women came along and took over Hollywood like never before. They are young, but they have already had a lot of success in their careers, which used to be impossible.

The new generation became well-known not only by acting in movies and TV shows, but also by posting about their daily lives on social media sites. This made them more interesting to their fans.

Zendaya is only 26 years old, but she is one of these lucky and well-known actors. Because of her part in the “Spider-Man” movies, the actor became well-known. She is now dating British star Tom Holland, and they just recently said they are going to get married.

But Zendaya’s life is interesting to a lot of people, and the star has millions of fans on Instagram. Her picture of herself without a bra got a lot of likes recently, and her look is really great. The popular star was photographed in front of a beautiful desert background.

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