A photograph of Robin Williams, taken only days before his departure, has gone viral.

The talented actor passed away in 2014. The actor was recently reported to be unable to cope with anxiety and sadness and opted to end his earthly journey on his own. Those close to Robin claim that he behaved strangely in his final months.

The celebrity had ceased communicating with his pals and was seldom seen in public. Robin is well-known for not attending his cherished daughter’s birthday celebration. “You will always be my shining star,” Robin said on a birthday card.

Williams’ wife didn’t want to wake up her husband, who had been sleeping for an abnormally long period in his bedroom. When the wife arrived home from running errands, she realized that Robin had not left his room.

The actor’s family was taken aback by the news: Williams’ trouser belt had been used as a rope for the man. He didn’t appear to be breathing.

Following the incident, fans of the Hollywood actor began to scrutinize Williams’s most recent photos. In the previous shot, Robin looks weary and enraged.

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