A person who is totally different. What does Paris Hilton look like when she’s on vacation and only wearing a bikini?

People don’t call Paris Hilton “Eternal Barbie” for nothing. This girl looked like she was stuck in the glam 2000s.

The star looks almost the same on every red carpet (and in normal life, too). Tightly curled blonde curls, cat-like lines, pink lipstick, and the signature squint. Hilton’s style hasn’t changed in years: she still likes “doll” dresses that look like they were made for little girls. True, he sometimes wears soft tracksuits as an exception. Remember how famous they were 20 years ago?

Now, though, the paparazzi have taken a rare picture of Paris, who clearly didn’t think anyone would notice her. The blonde star and her boyfriend Carter Reut were on a boat. She just wore a swimsuit and a small blanket. She didn’t wear any makeup.

So, fans got a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the real Paris instead of the beautiful blonde look she’s been carefully working on for years.

EXCLUSIVE**EMBARGO WEB UNTIL 10 A.M. ON AUGUST 26, 2021 Paris Hilton and her fiance Carter Milliken Reum are on vacation in Sardinia on a boat.
Many people think that Paris would be a totally different person if she didn’t wear makeup or use Photoshop. Everyone agrees that the Hollywood princess is very pretty. The picture shows that she still has a slim body and looks young. It’s not a big surprise that her fiance loves her so much.

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