A man jumps into a zoo cage when staff won’t save an ape that is drowning and can’t help itself.

“Untamed and Uncut: Chimp Rescue” is the name of a movie that Animal Planet put on their YouTube page. In 1990, there was a new chimp exhibit at the Detroit Zoo, so Rick Swope took his family there. Swope wouldn’t know how the rest of his day would go. Swope and his family were on their way to the area with the chimpanzees when they heard a loud crash. A chimpanzee fell into a moat that circled the show.

Chimpanzees don’t know how to swim or float. Chimpanzees are mostly made of muscle and don’t have body fat like humans do, which helps them float. When Swope saw that JoJo, a chimpanzee, had fallen, he knew he had to do something or JoJo would die. He said, “This monkey was swimming with his hands up and his head out of the water. He was watching the people. He seemed to want someone to come to his aid.”

Zookeepers and other zoo workers told people to stay away. Swope jumped into the water when he saw that no one was going into the show to save JoJo.Swope had to work hard, but he was able to get JoJo to the edge of a bank and save its life.

JoJo is no longer at the Detroit Zoo, but it’s not clear if he died or moved.

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