A man conducts a tour of a 450-square-foot cottage that appears plain from the outside but is’magical’ within.

An variety of the prettiest little houses and vacation rentals may be found nestled in Ohio’s picturesque Hocking Hills, where the surrounding natural beauty softly accents any residence.

Given the stunning views that surround each home, the attempt to improve the outside seems almost unnecessary.
The GloCabin distinguishes out from the crowd not just for its design, but also for the surprise within.

Some may find the dark Alderwood French doors and matte black exterior excessively gloomy from the outside.

Nonetheless, the basic yet exquisite color palette helps it to stand out and make a statement against the rich backdrop of nature.

When you enter the GloCabin, things alter radically. The lodge appears to shed its dismal exterior, revealing a bright, welcoming interior.
Inspired by California Casual, the design expertly blends neutral tones and wood details to create a pleasant and tranquil atmosphere.

The common spaces are thoughtfully designed to enable discussion and easy mobility.Despite its compact size, the living space feels expansive because it is next to the kitchen and breakfast counter.
The wide room for reclining and watching television or simply soaking in the outdoor environment provides the optimal blend of comfort and usefulness.

For those who enjoy cooking, the GloCabin’s kitchen is a treat.
It includes every appliance you might possibly need, and the central island features a beautiful yet functional surface.

This space also functions as a bar where meals may be served, adding to the cabin’s appeal.

Another highlight is the bedroom, which can be accessed from either side of the cabin.
It’s designed for comfort, with plenty of room to maneuver about the bed and an extra closet and storage space.

Furthermore, doors on either side open to separate decks, creating a seamless transition to the outside. Imagine eating supper outside while appreciating the gorgeous environment.

The bathroom maintains the cottage feeling open and light.

The huge shower calls into question the concept that this is a modest apartment.

The vanity table, reclaimed and repurposed from an ancient potter’s table, adds a unique touch by combining history and functionality.

The surprises, however, do not end there. The bathroom includes another door that leads to a veranda with a Japanese Cedar Spa tub on it.It provides comfort in the heart of the woods and is the ideal spot to unwind after a day of trekking. This little house shows that elegance is not limited by size.

The GloCabin is cleverly designed to make the most of available outdoor space. For those who prefer being outside, this location is ideal, with decks with beautiful views and easy access to hiking trails.

Whether you’re relaxing in the afternoon or going for a morning jog, the GloCabin offers the perfect blend of comfort and nature.

Watch the video below to watch Levi Kelly show you around the GloCabin!

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