A lady who shed 350 pounds had the perfect answer when she was body shamed at the beach.

Blogger Jacqueline Adan was subjected to body shaming again while on vacation in Key West, Florida, after undergoing many skin removal surgeries in the previous year.

The 31-year-old told her followers in 2017 that she had been fat-shamed while on vacation in Mexico after dropping 350 pounds in only three years. She stated that because of the loose skin on her body, people looked at her and mocked her for wearing a swimming suit for the first time in a “long time” while on vacation. In a now-viral post, she said that the attention had caused her to cry.

She experienced a similar body-shaming incident last year, but her attitude was quite different.

In a Wednesday Instagram post, she said, “Yes, I was walking on the beach and was once again pointed at, laughed at, and made fun of.”

The interaction, according to the Montessori preschool instructor, made her realize how much she had changed over the preceding year. She asserted that she no longer relies on other people’s approval. Although she still has issues with body image, her primary concern is how her body makes her feel.

She went on to say, “I don’t rely on other people’s approval.” Furthermore, I don’t care what others say about my figure. I don’t have time to worry about what other people might think or say because I’m too busy living my best life and working hard to accept myself for who I am, loose skin and all.

Adan’s unique perspective impacted her 118,000 followers.

“This photograph of you is stunning! You symbolize the self-love that we should all strive for!” One of them said, “Here I am, world, strong & full of love & inspiring us.”

“You are a true inspiration, and those who judge others for their bodies are simply insecure! “You look stunning and fantastic!” another individual commented.

“I’m finally able to say that this past year has been focused on my self-love journey,” she stated. “And it’s a true transformation for me to be in this place in my life where I can go around in a bathing suit and genuinely feel happy and confident without worrying about what other people think or say.”

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