A few years ago, a blonde girl was born into a Mexican household. How does the kid appear now, exactly?

Everyone in this young family was hoping for a little girl who would be just like the one they already had. A little angel was born, though, and nature made a different choice.

Her parents were understandably shocked, but they loved her all the same.

Her legal name is Tatiana, but everyone calls her Angel. Her mother believes wholeheartedly that God personally sent them this baby.

Despite the fact that their daughter has a very beautiful and unusual looks, her parents are working hard to ensure that she grows up without any insecurities on account of it.

Most people don’t know this, but Tatyana is actually an albino.

Her eyes are very photosensitive, necessitating the constant use of sunglasses whenever she steps outside.

Aside from that, she’s just a normal kid who likes to run around and have fun with her pals.

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