A Beauty Not of This World. A man from the U.S. who had tattoos all over his body showed us what he looked like without them.

Once upon a time, an average American made a choice that would change his or her whole life. Tristan got his first tattoo a few years ago and has been getting more and more since then.

Now, Tristan is covered with an elaborate ink painting. He recently surprised his fans by posting pictures of himself before he changed. Tristan’s friends were confused at first because they couldn’t figure out who he was in the old photos.

Tristan didn’t look anything like himself in those old pictures. He was a redhead with blue eyes and a classic Hollywood look. Tristan’s fans filled the comments section with praise and urged him to pursue a job in Hollywood because he looked so good.

Despite all the love, however, some people couldn’t hide their sadness.

“He ruined himself,” said a few of the American’s disappointed friends.

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