25 years of devotion to her. Hugh Jackman and his 67-year-old wife are seen by paparazzi while out on a stroll.

Hugh Jackman, an Australian actor who is now 54, is well known for preferring to keep his personal affairs hidden from prying eyes. Hugh tries to shield his 67-year-old wife Deborah from the unwanted attention of the media and admirers, therefore she rarely goes with him to public occasions.

Their more than 25 years of happily ever after marriage are proof of their dedication to and affection for one another. On the internet, not everyone, though, is as enthusiastic about their contented pleasure.
There is a perception among some Hugh Jackman admirers that Deborah, who is 67 years old, would not adhere to the expectations of one of Hollywood’s most attractive performers.

But their most recent public outing together contradicted such naive assumptions. Social media comments about Hugh’s marriage have varied from uncertainty about what he sees in her to praise for his capacity to recognize characteristics beyond outward looks.

“Beauty is not the essence of a marriage,” one person said. Since I’ve been living with the same person for over ten years, you can trust that I understand the value of basic human traits in a spouse. Hugh’s decisions were praised by another user, who said, “Bravo, Hugh,” while many more referred to them as the ideal pair or showed appreciation for their union.

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