“20-year-old women dream of having a body like that!”: Demi Moore, who is 60, looks great in a bright bikini that makes people want to go to the gym.

60-year-old Demi Moore knows that it gets harder and harder to stay in shape as you get older.

The star had hoped for a long time to stop dieting and stay the same size.

She doesn’t plan what she eats; she only eats when she’s hungry. The star also eats the “right” kinds of carbs.

Demi does not forget about sports. One of the most important things in her life was sports. She works on both stamina and growing muscle.

“I swim, surf, and do yoga every week. The star once said in an interview, “I also work out with free weights to strengthen my legs and increase my flexibility.”

And it looks like her methods work pretty well when used together.

Demi recently posted a new photo of herself in which she was wearing a pink bikini.

The star threw on a yellow shirt on top, but it didn’t cover her at all. A picture like this got a lot of fans to go to the gym.

Even Bruce Willis’s wife at the time could not stand it.

“It works very well for you!” She wrote. The rest of the Internet users agreed with her and said things like, “You look amazing,” “20-year-old girls dream of a body like that,” and “So slim!”

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